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Why is the customization fee separate from the tuition?
How long are the class lessons?
How many classes/lessons are in a course?
When do semesters/trimesters start and end?
What are the different course length options (essentials, mastery and premium)?
Do I receive a transcript and certificate upon completion?
Can I take a Myelin course as part of my tuition assistance/reimbursement program at work?
Do courses have prerequisites?
What does the coaching program include?
Can my team try a Myelin courses for free?
Can you build additional custom courses for us?
How long are courses?
How do business packages work?
Who are Myelin's professors?
Can courses be taught at a graduate level?
Can I use a Myelin course as part of my college / university / grad school application?
Can I use a Myelin course to pass out of a course at my university?
Can the course be set at my pace - slowing down when material is hard for me and speeding up when it's easy?
Do I need to prepare anything before selecting "Book this course"?
Do I get to meet my professor before the start of the 1st lesson?
Does a Myelin course cover material faster than most universities would?
Does a Myelin course cover more material than most universities would?
Does Myelin offer pre-recorded video courses?
How long does it take to complete a course?
How long before I want to begin my course, should I book it?
I already know part of the course, can I skip past the material I already know and be fast-tracked to the advanced material?
How much required homework will be assigned to me?
I am a high-level performer, can my course be taught at an Ivy League level?
I don't see the course I want to take. Can Myelin build a course for me?
I have a complex schedule. Can classes be flexible around my schedule?
I have a day job. Can I take classes at night or on weekends?
I have diagnosed learning differences. Does Myelin make accommodations?
I haven't taken math since high school and I'd prefer to avoid it. Can we minimize the math incorporated in my course?
I live outside the United States. Can I still take a course?
If I miss a class session due to a no-show or late cancellation, will I still be able to cover the material with the professor?
Is the "Customization Fee" required? Can I skip having my course customized?
My schedule changed. Can I reschedule lesson times with my professor?
So, does the fact that I can add prerequisite material to a course mean that I qualify to take any course in any department?
What does homework consist of?
What are the terms of the "100% Tuition-Back Satisfaction Guarantee" refund policy?
What equipment do I need to take the classes?
What happens after I book my course?
What happens if there are technical problems?
What is the refund policy for "customization fee?"
What happens in my meeting with the Myelin rep?
What VoIP video call software(s) do you use?
When do I receive a transcript and certificate upon completion?
Will Myelin record my class? Can I record my class?
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